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Polyamorous & Polygamous Relationships

What is Poly?

Non Monogamous lifestyles practiced by polyamorous people

Polygamy is simply a relationship/ lifestyle choice that is non-monogamous. By definition the custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time whether legally, spiritually, or romantically. It comes in many forms , hierarchies, and interactions. The commonalities among all of them are consensual intimate relationships with more than one partner. In wake of more sexual freedom and liberation movements the Poly relationships have become more frequent. Just like the monogamous relationship you have to protect your family and its assets and that is where the Poly Box comes into play. Our intention is to aid you in setting up your family from an infrastructure standpoint. We often envision how we want to live socially, sexually, and family dynamics but lack to plan from a legal and structure standpoint to ensure its success, while guarding against harsh outside factors. The Poly Box will not only give you legal templates, guides, workbooks, and more; but it will provoke thoughts and questions that are imperative for you to cover and discuss.

The poly community has many segments, identifying labels and lifestyles. Our boxes are meant to address the basics needs that are commonly shared. Communication, Planning, Finances, and Legal navigation.


Relating to more than one person; whether you are possessive or not takes mapping. People want to know they’re safe and have the freedom to be emotionally happy. The Poly map and workbook ensures you are all on the same page.


In most cases this dynamic is built less on the financial stronghold but more on the relating and communication. The exercises help you create boundaries and establish emotional bonds.


Creating a dynamic with multiple women needs a huge amount of clarity. The PolyBoxes allow you to establish a plan and execute financial and legal strongholds.


Everyone is primary to everyone. The PolyBoxes navigate how you will go about creating this bond in a healthy manner as well as protecting yourselves as you all nest together.

Undecided But Free

You know you want to relate in a platonic or intimate relationship with multiple people. First step is learning about yourself and desires. Having a plan makes grafting people in that much easier.

Common Challenges that Poly People Face

(addressed in the Boxes)

Creating Boundaries

Understanding what boundaries are, outlining boundaries, and then practicing respect of them is important

Social Acceptance

There is acceptance in some communities but in the larger would you need to know how to navigate it to protect yourself

Emotional Health

Relating to multiple people means caring for the emotional health of multiple people. Having healthy conversations and exercises can keep partners on track

Understanding Dynamics

There are so many ways of relating. Understanding where you fit, any of your partners will fit, and your ideal is important.

Communicating Needs

Poly relationships take a tremendous amount of communication, having exercises lets you explore it in fun ways.

Establishing Plan

Whether you are committing or not the future is coming. Finances, Family, and Legal Structuring is important for any person.

How are Polyamorous & Polygamous relationships viewed under the law?

Frequent questions and answers

Both polygamy ( the act of having multiple wives or husband) and bigamy are illegal, people still enter into these types of prohibited unions,voluntarily like in Sister Wives TV show. Nowhere in the US is a marriage between more than two people legal.

Bigamy is when someone attempts to legally marry more than one person male or female but the second marriage is invalid because, whether on purpose or by mistake, one of the spouses never obtained a legal divorce from the first spouse before getting remarried.

Polygamy is when someone has one legal spouse and one or more co-spouses (males/female) married through some sort of spiritual marriage that’s not legally recognized by the state.

You may be asking: How can it be illegal if the spiritual marriage is legally invalid? Most states recognize common law marriages, where you act like you’re married – live together, have children, tell friends and neighbors you’re married. If you’re legally married to one wife and also have a common law wife, you’re committing the crime of polygamy.

Penalties vary from state to state. It can be considered either a misdeamenar or felony based on location. Fees and Penalties can vary from $500-$50,000 and from 1 yr to 10 yrs in jail.

If charged with polgamy or bigamy the children can be removed or placed with children services temporarily, personal assets frozen, and if found guilty can be considered a felon.

Why protecting your poly relationship is important?

 Fact is the world has not caught up with your more than two lifestyle. Just like with any relationships there are pitfalls to learn to avoid or navigate. However, the poly life has additional threats both socially and legally to tend to. The best way to  be prepared is to plan.


Our Polybox helps you navigate the social aspect which is important. Not being protective in social environments can set off events that can damage your polygamist relationship.  Whether it is making your new partners feel welcomed, or how to navigate work and school functions we’ve got you covered. Leave nothing to chance.


It is no secret that polygamist relationship takes a different kind of planning legally to enjoy similar benefits of marriage while simultaneously protecting against persecution. Our Polybox gives you in depth legal planning templates and exercises that allows you to be responding to circumstances versus just reacting. Knowing your right, having agreements, and legal counsel can be the difference in a legal event and something traumatic.

Why is Planning and Incorporating your family important?

Family Equality

With most poly relationships start as monogamous couple seeking, it can be hard for the 3rd or more to feel that they have the same or equal presence as the original relationship. By treating your family like a business. You can afford everyone equal right and similar protections as marriage.

Legal Defense

Unfortunately the lifestyle is illegal. If you are in the relationship for the long haul you need to legally insulate yourself. With the Poly box you can make your family a corporation, justifying the shared assets and living situation. Also provide you with legal guides on what to do when you encounter a legal situation.

Family Planning

When it comes to a Poly lifestyle planning is important. What are you looking for? What are your values? There are infinite questions. Becoming poly can be exciting but also stressful when you know where to start. Our kits have workbooks that guides you through what's important.

Resource Building

The purpose of family is to grow and build with each generation. As your family grows and amass resources you need to protect them, and structure them. Also with each person coming in, there may be the need to merge resources and restructure basic family functions.

What is the Poly Box?

These are box kits that allow you to navigate the business, structure, and set up of the purposeful polygamy you've been hoping for. We have customized our PolyBox downloads to ensure that they empower your family today. All the kits include how to polygamy relationship guides, poly facts, and templates that allows you to pick the best for your lifestyle. The legal language is broken down to easily understandable templates. The workbook is fun and interactive way to get out your visions and plan in a real way. Knowledge is power, and information is key. Your Poly box gives you the leverage you need, infrastructure required, and fun activities with purpose.

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"The workbook really helped my partner and I evaluate what we were really looking for, and exercises were fun"

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